Discharge Upgrades / Military Record Corrections 

Medical & Physical Evaluation Boards

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Veterans Legal Advocates, P.A. will provide you with strong advocacy when challenging your military discharge characterization of service, for military record corrections and military medical and physical evaluation boards.

Discharge Upgrades

Getting your military discharge upgraded can be a difficult and trying experience.  At Veterans Legal Advocates, P.A., we are here to help get your discharge upgraded.  We can review the discharge process and ensure that the armed service complied with its own regulations, standards and processes.  We will review the process used to determine your characterization of service and make a valid argument for fairness in your case.


Correction of Military Records

As part of our office's veterans' services, we have the ability and skill to request correction of any military record in order to remove errors and injustices.

Medical Evaluation Boards (MEB) / Physical Evaluation Boards (PEB)

Medical Evaluation Boards and Physical Evaluation Boards determine fitness for duty and make decisions concerning administrative medical separation for injured Active Duty, Reserve and National Guard service members.  Once a ruling is made that a member of the armed forces is unfit for duty, the armed service works directly with a VA representative to award a disability rating.  We can represent the service member through every aspect of the hearings.

If you would like to hire a private attorney to prepare you for the board, represent all your interests or appeal the VA disability rating decision we can help, ask for a free consultation today. 

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